About the blog
As a writing coach, I regularly deal with academic writers who struggle with different aspects of their writing. This blog functions as a platform for reflection on the challenges that writing poses and their possible solutions. Initially a weekly blog, I now write new posts whenever I have new thoughts about a particular aspect of writing.

About the author
My name is Christian Wymann and I’m a writing coach, based in Bern, Switzerland. With my company Mind Your Writing Schreibberatung I counsel academic writers of all levels and disciplines, both in writing workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions. I also work as a writing coach for the University Library at the University of Bern. I wrote Der Schreibzeitplan: Zeitmanagement für Schreibende (Barbara Budrich Publishers/UTB, 2015) on time management for writers and Schreibmythen entzaubern: Ungehindert schreiben in der Wissenschaft (Barbara Budrich Publishers/UTB, 2016) on writing myths. Together with writing coach Franz Neff I’m currently working on a book about the writing process that will be published in early 2018 by Barbara Budrich Publishers/UTB.
For more information please visit ORCID or my website.


Copyright of all texts by Christian Wymann


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