How Much I Really Write

If someone assumes that writing my books took a lot of time, I tell them the truth: It took me one hour a day, five days a week during six to eight months to complete one of my books. I don’t tell them that I didn’t spend all this time on just the one book. Sometimes I worked on three different projects in parallel (I know that because I monitored my writing with a spreadsheet).

Some people (most of them non-writers or not-so-regular-writers) seem to think that I work on my books all day long. Hearing how I really write, they can’t grasp the idea of spending as little time as possible and still being able to succeed (that is, to publish). Years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that either. But believe me, I’m no more talented or gifted or whatever you want to call it than most other writers. I’m probably a good example of „hard work pays off“, having to practice what I want to be good at. For professional athletes that means training regularly; for professional writers that means writing regularly.


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