Publishing Your Book #6: After Publishing

The day has come: your book has arrived at the stores and you have received your free copies. Now, there are three things for you to do:

First, enjoy and celebrate! You just published a book!

Second, start to promote your book. You want libraries to stock, (local) bookstores to sell, your colleagues to review and everybody else interested to read your book. Don’t despair if it sells slowly or not as much as you were expecting. Whenever you have the chance, tell people about your book – at conferences, in department meetings, in seminars – and ask readers to review it for journals and online bookstores.

Third, don’t get caught by post-publication-depression. It’s normal to feel a void inside, after your book has come out. If you were smart, however, you have already started new projects weeks or months before the void had a chance to open up. This way, you are distracted enough not to notice how sad it feels to let your brainchild go its own way. Sure, you will get plenty of opportunities to talk about your book, but it’s not the same as fretting about and sweating over it. If the depression hits you anyway, it will be gone soon, making space for new ideas that you might want to publish. Have fun starting the process anew!


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